Smarter Inventory V.3 Update Now Available


This update includes an exciting brand new PRO feature, as well as many other improvements and bug fixes listed below:

1. Added ability to scan both 1D and 2D Barcodes using a Bluetooth Scanner (Pro version only). This enables you to scan products faster. This new functionality can be used beside the already built-in device camera to scan barcodes. You can now choose which scanner you would like to use while scanning and you can even set a preferred default scanner in Settings.

2. Changed how you Edit a product. When tapping on an item, it will now open in “View” mode at first, in which all fields are grayed out, and you have to tap the “Edit” button at the top of the screen to make any changes. This was requested by our users, since most of the time they are viewing at the data and don’t need to make updates directly. The editing toolbar has been moved to the top of the screen to be more easily accessible.

3. Fixed a bug with the built-in camera scanner that was appending an extra 0 when scanning certain barcodes.

4. In Settings, added ability to set the text that is used when sharing a product with others.

5. Fixed an issue with Printing of Labels, that sometimes cuts off a small part of the product info at the bottom, as well as increased the resolution of the barcodes and text on the printed pages. Also removed the restriction on the number of labels you can print for each product.

6. On the Scan Goods In/Out screens, you can now export and print 2 reports when clicking the Finish button. The first one is called the “Report for Customer”, which is intended to be given to the customer, and it contains basic information about the products that are being sent to them. The second report is a detailed report, that contains a lot more info about the products that are being scanned in or out. By having these reports on the Finish button, users will not forget to export and print them before completing the task.

7. When scanning products out, the app will now alert you if a product cannot be scanned out due to its limited quantity available on hand. It will make a different sound. Most bluetooth scanners make their own beep sound when scanning every barcode, but the app makes its own beep.

8. Note. When using a bluetooth scanner connected to your device, your device will think it is an externally connected keyboard. If the keyboard does not show up when trying to type into a text field, you can try to squeeze the trigger twice on certain scanners in order to swap over to the device’s keyboard, or you can turn off the bluetooth scanner, or turn off your bluetooth on your device settings.



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